The Release of the Chibok Girls

When in April 2014 about 250 girls were abducted by the Boko Haram members, there was shock, unbelief, anger and of course apprehension on the enormous task of bringing back the girls without causing harm to any of them

The unbelief on the part of the government in power at that time allowed the Boko Haram members to make away with the girls without trace. But thanks to the persistent pressure mounted by the public and especially by the Bring Back Our Girls group the girls could have been left to their fate.

The emergence of Muhammad Buhari as the president of the country in May 2015 however brought renewed hope of bringing back the girls. Though various options and methods for bringing the girls back were advanced, the government opted for negotiation with the insurgent group with the collaboration and assistance of some foreign governments and organization.

This method was a magic wand that saw to the release of the first batch of twenty two girls and of late another batch of eighty six girls. The method however was not without its own sore point in that a number of Boko Haram fighters were released as well as some cash in return for the release of the girls.

The question begging for answers are the probability of these fighters going back to the way of arms and the condition under which the remaining girls would be returned.

It is however believed that the competence and judgement of the President is not in doubt hence the hope the remaining girls would regain their freedom in no distant future

We congratulate the parents of the newly released girls and ask the expecting parents to be patient and pray for the success of the government in securing the release of their children. We also congratulate the government for partly fulfilling their promise of bringing back the girls. It is definitely a soothing balm to the psyche of the already apprehensive nation.

There is, however, still work to be done therefore we implore government to redouble their efforts in securing the release of the remaining girls.