• The spate of comments following the illness of President Mohammad Buhari is highly unAfrican. Illness in whatever form is part of the fundamentals that surround the existence of humans in this life.

By nature human beings departed from that state of perfection (according to the scriptures)  when he was cursed by God following the grevious sin he and wife committed in the garden of Eden. As a result of that curse, man had been living a life of imperfections. Man has therefore become an easy prey for decease and the great enemy;  death.

So to those who gleefully talk about the illness of the President, can they say that they are immune from sickness. Of course no. The cheap talk about his state of health smacks of nothing less than mischief

The president isn’t well hence he deserves some period of rest. This was the noise being made by these people, that he should rest and let the Vice President continue to act. Now that the President is resting the same people are shouting that he was absent from FEC meeting, and the jumat service.

I wish these Nigerians apply some decorum regarding the issue of the President sickness. This is the time we need to show the African humanity in us and treat our dear President with respect.

As long as blood runs in our veins let nobody make mockery of another person on account of ill health because it could be anybody’s  turn tommorow. Here I rest my case.


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