One good thing that has happened to our dear country Nigeria is having as the president a man called Muhammad Buhari. I am writing this blog not as a politician but as very keen observer of the Nigerian politics for quite sometime. We have seen various types of leaders and leadership styles exhibited by these leaders and have come to the conclusion that sets aside Buhari from these other leaders.

Going down the historical lane, Buhari’s first coming as the military leader of the country was to salvage the country from political uncertainty, economic woes, corruption, indiscipline and many other social vices. His effort reversed many of these ills and the country was already on the path of redemption when his government was untimely truncated.

We all witnessed the decadence and glorification of corruption that followed and it is instructive to say that the present decadence and corruption is a direct consequence of that tragic change of government.

Thirty years after his first coming, Nigeria has gone through a full circle. The condition prevailing just before his first coming is again bedevilling Nigeria. The implication of this is that we have sort of remain on a spot and our mental state have not really changed. We are more corrupt both in high and low places, highly undisciplined, crazy for imported goods, very materialistic, lazy and complaining on any sign of discomfort necessary for a better tomorrow.

If there was hope and changes during that brief moment thirty years ago, then there is hope for this country to move ahead once again. From our observations and experience, what differentiated Buhari from other leaders that enabled him to make success with the citizens is integrity, disciplined life style and sincerity of purpose. In reality this is what Nigeria wants to see in their leader for them to follow.

He need to be there as the icon and the engine room of the fight against corruption. We all know that corruption has become a monster in Nigeria and it surely fights back when it is fought against. So far except for former president Olusegun Obasanjo, no other president has been able to face the onslaughts of corruption whenever it fought back. We need a strong leader with wits and integrity to face it’s onslaughts. For now we can’t yet see anybody clean enough to fight the war conclusively therefore If Buhari dies now, Nigeria will be in trouble again.

Another monster facing Nigeria is the scourge of importation. We import virtually everything and the question has raged on for so long without any leader proffering solution to it. They have only for years toyed with the question only to further open our boarder for more goods to come in thereby killing many of the few industries that that are functioning.

Buhari seem to have a comparatively better solution to this problem as he boldly banned the importation of certain goods which could be produced in the country and carried out a structural adjustment in the custom duty paid for many categories of good coming into the country.

The consequence of this bold step is multi dimensional. First, this policy has reduced the craze for imported good as well as rekindled the belief in ourselves as a country and the need to look inward for our needs. Not this alone our foreign reserve which is one of the determinant of the strength of our currency has grown from the depleted level .

The implementation of these policies require strong political will which has been lacking in the previous leaders. The effect of this policy may be very tough on the people but we know that on the long run, it will benefit the country.

One other thing that differentiated him is his policy on agriculture. Yes, other governments made a policies on agriculture, but none was as total as the present government’s policies in that as the importation of some food commodity was banned, mobilization for massive rice production was carried out. This has led to comparatively massive rice production in the last planting season.

The long term benefits of these policies cannot be realized unless they are sustained with vigour. This is what this government is trying hard to do. Nigeria can therefore not afford to loose the President at this time. President Buhari must not die now. Though his health is facing some challenges, I as a person wish that he gets well soon so that those who wish him dead now shall be disappointed


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