We are wonderfully made

We do easily take our day to day activities for granted and tend to forget that these activities are under the control of a superntural being.

I was sipping a cup of tea sometime ago , apparently to cool it before swallowing. I noticed that while sipping, the stream of air could be swept into the lung while the tea was automatically held back in the mouth. Hmmm. I have never given it a thought.

The question is :What mechanism prevented the tea from following the air into the lung? This is one of the reflexes that keep us going as complicated biological machines called human beings.
Imagine that this automatic reflex mechanism fails. Your guess is good as mine. The failure of the mechanism could be catastrophic as it could land a person in the hospital

Which of those reflexes can you think about but which you have always taken for granted?

We need to appreciate the ingenuity of our God in the way He has designed us to make us function properly. How often do you appreciate Him?


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