The human race is yet to be revealed with much of natures secrets. In trickles they are however being revealed and each revelation has been made to solve some unique human challenges.

Who knows, a few years ago, that sound waves could serve as a fire extinguisher. Well that feat is what has been successfully demonstrated by two graduating engineering students of George Mason University. Their names are Viet Tran a computer engineering student and Robertson Seth, an electrical engineering major.

The project, which costed $600, was made of the combination of a low frequency sound generator and a speaker that is housed in a cylindrical shaped cardboard with one of its ends opened to direct the sound waves at the fire

As explained by Tran to the Washington Post, the low frequency sound wave from the speaker pressurizes out oxygen, a key ingredient needed for combustion, from around the fire thereby extinguishing it

In his words, the low-frequency sound waves “separate the oxygen [which keeps the fire burning] from the fuel. The pressure wave is going back and forth, and that agitates where the air is. That specific space is enough to keep the fire from reigniting.”

The implication of this invention could be far reaching as it could change the way fire fighters go about fighting fires. It could also bring far reaching consequences in the associated industries. Not this alone, we now look forward to extinguishing fires without the additional mess usually left behind after such exercise.

Kudos to you Seth and Tran. Thank to mother nature for revealing this secret. Like Oliver Twist, we want more.


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