Payment through Paypal, how it affects Nigerians

Are you aware of this? The last time I visited Paypal website I was shocked to see that among the league of nations, Nigeria name was conspicuously ommited by the internet payment platform.

It was shameful and annoying. I thought how on earth should my country be blacklisted by any organisation. Whatever the situation of the country, many countries are still worse off yet these countries have not been considered for blacklisting

Then later an advert appeared in one of the daily newspaper of the availability of Paypal through one of the leading banks in the country. The condition imposed on the citizens is the ability to only transact payment out but can not receive money using the platform. As it stands, citizens of this country can only buy but can not sell through paypal. So they can not use the platform to trade. It is a one way traffic that only benefit foreign businesses.

Those who hailed the lifting of the ban on Nigeria may not know this but the fact of the matter is that Nigeria is being shortchanged.

The world is already a global village courtesy of the internet which also presents the big opportunity for global trade. Nigerians should not be hindered in taking advantage of this opportunity.

What is the way out. Serious enterpreneurs should wake up and create parallel platform to compete with paypal. Quickteller is working in the right direction. What we expect is the global reach so that other nations can also use it. In fact for any nation wanting to have business dealing with Nigeria the use of Quickteller or any preffered payment platform must be made a precondition.

Or what do you think. Let us sell this idea to our government. It is time to start taking our people from the shackles of economic bondage imposed by international bodies like paypal. No be so?


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