Reflections on the Charlie Hebdo massacre (part 2)

The response of the French President, François Hollande and the people of France to the killing of fourteen people by Islamic terrorists was historic

First the alertness of the public helped the police to effectively track and follow the terrorist until they were liquidated. In another society where the citizens are frustrated and disillusioned,where poverty and corruption reign supreme the type of cooperation exhibited by the French public may never happen

The immediate acknowledgement of the situation and the subsequent swinging into action by the security agents is a direct negation of what happened in a country like Nigeria that is currently facing severe terrorism.

Unlike the French president, his Nigeria counterpart was not even sure of the right step to take until the a situation that could have been nipped in the bud blossomed into full scale terrorism. Now Boko Haram is already taking territories and defending them against an ill motivated armed forces.

The attitude towards leadership actually made the difference in the two cases.

While the french president saw it as an attack on the whole of France, the Nigerian president played politics with the Boko Haram situation. He tagged their attacks as the handwork of the opposition party thereby further dividing the public opinion and the need for a collective fight against the terrorists.

So while more than three million citizens and about twenty world leaders came out in solidarity with the French government to defiantly condemn the terrorists the Nigerians descended into aparthy, wailing, horse trading, confusion, self condemnation and anger.

The overall result is the daily massacre of innocent Nigerians by Boko Haram using all manners of tactics including suicide bombing, kidnapping of young girls and women and outright invasion of territories.

President Goodluck Jonathan need to learn a lesson from the French episodes to assist him in the fight against Boko Haram. He needs to wake up from his slumber and be more proactive. He should stop passing the buck and unite all the component part of Nigeria together to fight a common enemy.

Like his French counterpart, he as the Commander in Cheif of the Nigerian Armed Forces should mobilize the entire Armed Forces to put a check to the activities of Boko Haram.

The world leaders saw the commitment of the French president and they responded to his clarion call. President Goodluck Jonathan needs to show similar commitment in order to receive a much needed national and international support necessary to fight the monster he has allowed Boko Haram to become.

Our hearts go to the thousands that have been killed and many more that have been maimed and rendered homeless. We hope soon or later the situation will change for the better.

Meanwhile we commend the President of France for showing how to lead in time of a national calamity and emergency. Let the clueless learn from his noble example to put their house in order.


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