Well done India, Nigeria take note

The Indian satellite launched some months ago has finally reached the red planet, Mars, and is already orbiting it. This is a feat that is achieved through cheer determination, focus, ruggedness, careful planning, and the will to succeed. In orbit the satellite is expected to collect data and other information about the red planet thereby swelling the store of information and knowledge available to the human race
Sending a satellite on an interplanetary mission is not a simple task. It is a task that is laden with technological know-how, serious engineering challenge, knowledge of the solar system and the laws that govern motions of the heavenly bodies. For a satellite that will reach its target successfully, communication and control is of paramount importance. In the recent past, it was common to hear of satellites missing their target and getting lost into space for ever. Some did reached the target but crashed on the host planet thereby sending millions of dollars down the drains. These are results of failure of communication and control from the Mission controllers.
This is why India, a country that is launching a satellite to Mars for the first time, should be commended for this feat. Not only did they succeed as a first timer to Mars exploration, they did it at an unbelievable cost of about $70m which is about ten percent of what America spent on a similar space project.
With success comes the feeling of national pride and glory so Indians from all walks of life celebrated their achievement with pomp pageantry. This should be the lot of people that had worked with a sense of purpose and with zeal to succeed
The Indian success should be a lesson to other third world countries, especially Nigerian, that are still struggling to find their feet technologically. Like India, Nigeria was at the same level of development when she was getting her independence. But due to lack of national focus, laziness, shear dependence on imported technologies, political instability, corruption and divergent national interest, Nigeria has failed to develop technologically. With the Indian achievement, Nigeria must wake up and do what is necessary by imitating what others have done to develop themselves technologically.
Once again well done India or what do you say


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