Wonders shall never end in Nigeria. The country has become the theatre of comedies that put raw and foul taste to the mouth. Every day you wake up you read stories that are nothing but bundle of absurdities. A Nigerian civilian jet, belonging to the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Oritsajefo, was detained along with the occupants in South Africa Airport having in their custody millions of Dollars in raw cash!

A lot of questions are being asked on this bizarre drama. For how in the world can one rationalize the idea of using a civilian jet for the transportation of raw cash on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria to another country for arm purchase without the knowledge of the other country. Is this the normal procedure by which the Federal Government of Nigeria carry out procurement of such sensitive wares?

Are those detained by the South African Government personnel of the Nigerian Military? Surely a lot of things are wrong and suspicious about this drama. Is it the cheer volume of raw cash involved or the crude manner of the movement of the cash or the bridging of military protocol in the use of private jet for such a “national assignment”? The questions are endless.

Nigerians who are cynical about the explanation of the government have a point because of the background of high level of corruption, stealing and culture of impunity in high places many of which have been swept under the carpet. Nigerians keep on wondering whether the transaction is actually on behalf of the Government as the whole scenario has been alleged having the smell of the involvement of the Niger delta militant dealings which since exposed had to be covered up by the government. If this is the case, can the allegation of former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo against President Jonathan on the arming of a private killer squad true? There so many questions begging for answers.

Nigerians have called for a serious investigation on the issue and the senate has followed suit by inviting the military chiefs to the senate chamber to enlighten the whole country. The whole country is waiting.


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