On The Synagogue Church Building Colapse

The colapse of the Synagogue church guests house came as a rude shock. Rude shock in term of the scale of the loss of lives and also the manner with which the building came down. Various claim and counter claims are being advanced for the cause of the colapse of the building. The leader of the church Pastor TB Joshua alleged the multiple low altitude flight of a jet over the building as the cause of the colapse. He also went to say that he was obviously the target of the attack.

On the other hand, observers dismissed this claim with the opinion that the building might not be structurally sound. Others who obviously has an ace to grind with the church has been making insinuations and hate comments and definitely not agreeing with the Pastor’s assertion.

But from the scientific point of view, we may not discount the effect of a low flying jet
on the structures on the ground because such a low flying jet will naturally set up vibrations,also known as shock waves, as a result of impulses coming from the jet engine. Residents around airport in France were familiar with this phenomenon whenever a concorde plane was taking off.

Engineering knowledge informs that every object has a natural harmonic frequency at which the body will start and continue to vibrate uncontrollably especially if the mechanical property of the object cannot damp out the vibration and if the impacting force is applied at regular intervals. This may have being the case for the Synagogue building. Such vibrations has been known to colapse bridges in the past especially in situations where a platoon commander failed to command his soldiers to break steps when crossing a vulnerable bridge.

On the other hand if it is assumed that the shock waves of the low flighing jet actually brought the building down does it mean that it could also be collapsed by just a rainstorm? The vertical colapse of the building while still maintaining a horizontal position as it went down seemed indicative of an entirely weak base. If not, could explosive have been detonated at strategic positions in the building? But was there any explosion?
These are foods for thought and it is left for the appropriate regulatory and security bodies to unravel these mysteries .So a lot need to be unraveled before judgements are pronounced on the church.

Let all sides hold their peace until then.
We sympathise with the Synagogue church and the families of those who lost their lives. May the wounded receive healings


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