At last, the Ebola virus has finally made a safe landing on the Nigerian soil like a thief in the night. Prior to its arrival the deadly decease had ravaged countries of the East African region killing hundreds especially in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The bad omen came when it was reported that Liberia,a country that is in close proximity and has constant human traffic with Nigeria, was already playing host the decease.
What is Ebola decease? Ebola decease is caused by the Ebola virus, named after the Ebola river being the site of its first appearance. The virus once contacted attacks the respiratory track accompanied with high fever. Within days, the victim suffers bleeding in the respiratory system which shortly leads to suffocation of the lung. The final result is death.
Since the outbreak of the decease, the survival rate has been almost nil and that makes the coming of the decease to Nigeria a potentially dangerous one. With the population density of the most populous country in the continent, and the rate of infection could be devastating. Is Nigeria ready for the arrival of this decease.
With the death of the first victim, what step should be taken to curtail the spread of the decease? Give your opinion


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